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Cher is an International Psychic Medium Wiccan Witch

Cher has been extremely intuitive since she was very young. It was around the age of 2 years old that she recalls seeing spirit. Her earliest connection she remembers vividly being awakened during the night and seeing her deceased grandmother standing at the end of her bed. Cher’s Grandmother, father, her connection to culture and other spirits still to this day connect and guide her.

Cher as an International Wiccan Witch Psychic Medium she bides by her witches rede “bide the law of three, no harm done to none or me” Blessed be. Cher was born into wicca witchcraft. Within wicca and her craft her words are more precious than gold. Some new and some old. As a wiccan witch Cher lives by her truth and the truth be told for this is a blessing richer than gold and straight as the raven fly. Cher honours her path and continues her craft. So Blessed Be.

It was through her spiritual journey, life experiences, lessons, and seeking answers through learning and teachings that her unique experiences has made her aware of the unique multi-faceted transformational medium she is today. Cher in 2021 received international credentials of Certified Spiritual Advisor (Psychic, Medium & Healer) LWISSD.

Cher also specialises as an International Forensic Psychic Medium & is Certified as an International Forensic Psychic Investigator (LWISSD 2022). She has connected with Spirit from birth and has been a professional International Psychic Medium for over 20 years. She has assisted clients whom have lost loved ones through suicide, missing persons, death by misadventure

Cher’s goal is to give the loved one an intimate evidential, transformational experience with spirit. Her goal is to express intricate details about their life and loved ones life to bring love, truth, closure, healing, hope, bravery, passion for life. And in sharing these gifts with all openheartedly she believes everyone is innately psychic and able to touch spirit.