You may of lost someone close to you, you may of lost a pet or you may have suffered trauma, had a near death experience , or you may feel someone or something is trying to connect with you, having dreams, smells, taste, hearing sounds, hearing music, you may have had a near death experience, you may have suffered trauma or illness, you may have seen spirit when you were a child. you may see flashes of light, or see angels.

  1. You are highly sensitive person – you maybe sensitive to other peoples emotions, feelings, personalities, illness, pain, you’re an empath.
  2. You may have experienced deja vu
  3. You may have difficulties sleeping waking from midnight to 5am
  4. You may see shadows
  5. You may feel energy around you, and around old buildings, Cemeteries, antiques, old jewellery, old furniture, or of other people, animals, nature.
  6. You may see colours and light around people.
  7. You may feel natural disasters and the news is overwhelming
  8. You’re dreams maybe vivid and you may see things before they happen.
  9. You have a natural connection to and with animals. Animals come to you.
  10. You feel different like you want to go home or to be with the stars or have memories from past lives.