Awakening The Spiritual Heart

February is all about love. Venus – the planet of love. Venus and February awakens your spiritual heart.

As we circle through the universe, we trip and fall, meander like a stream, we weave our Majick, but the Devine, spirit, source guides us to our path.

The love and Majick of your soul, spirit, being brings you back to balance, harmony, peace, love and the Majick of your heart space. Where the love of you shines out. For only you know that your truth is in your heart and for the love of you is the Majick that creates the inner circle and outer circle of life.

As we flow into February for me the month of February is all about love. It is a time where I think of loved ones in spirit. It can be for some a very challenging time, as for us on this earthly plane we crave our loved ones, to hold, to speak, to see, to kiss, to embrace. It is within this time I as a medium am often reached out to. To bring you closer to that loved one, to be able to through spirit to bring you close between the realms, veils and worlds. I believe we are all innately able to touch, feel, talk to spirit.

I am very blessed, humbled to be able for clients, confirm and affirm that you are able to touch, hold, talk to, kiss and feel the love of the loved one that has passed over to spirit. Spirit is endless and the love of them to you is always endless.

Sometimes I feel the sun and goddess (moon) are lovers, who rarely meet, always chasing each other, always missing one another, but every once and while catch up, they embrace, kiss and the world stands in awe of their complete eclipse.

February often sparks a twinge in our side, as the celebrations of January bring our reality as we return to work, school or whatever calls you on this earthly plane. Sometimes a feeling of a little lost, can’t see the woods for the trees.

February – the love – is expanding your heart. Venus, which is my planet, is craving our free spirited, exotic version of love. As a psychic medium and how I work is that I see everything and spirit is playful and true, they often bring this through in my readings.

As Venus is in February it’s time to spice up relationships. But this could be the relationship of you if your single. Venus is exotic and free. Venus the love planet and with the new goddess (moon) on Friday 12th January in Australia envelopes you. You may as you adventure out into areas you may or may not have been to is spirit, angels, Devine, universe holding your hand guiding you to maybe meeting a new love, crush of your heart. But Venus is also about the expansion of your own heart, love and the crush and Majick of you.

As a Psychic Medium I see, feel, hear, touch your truth, your Majick. I will talk, feel, kiss embrace spirit and bring that to you in a closer way, you may or may not have experienced before. I will confirm and affirm that the absolute essence of that loved one, so perhaps you may feel their embrace. I will also be being Venus is my planet, give you the tools, to create, the love, the Majick and essence of you. We together can bring your free spirit, exotic, spontaneous higher self and awaken your spiritual self and heart.

The new goddess (moon) this month, may even highlight you to begin to illuminate you in ways to embrace your higher self. Perhaps its time to connect with me for a psychic reading as I give you a light, candle or a little boot up the bum for your highest good.  Longer individual readings with me will be a full immersion with your loved ones in spirit. As they know you innately and wholeheartedly as the embrace, hold, kiss and perhaps stand you in your truth for your highest good.

If you are ready to connect with me and spirit your loved ones whom have crossed over, than visit my website :

May spirit, universe, angels, source, the divine guide you, hold your hand, embrace you, touch your heart and unconditionally love you for this is the Majick of you.

If you feel the connection with me, feel free to contact, connect, book a psychic reading or individual reading with me and from my heart to yours I would love to connect with you and your loved one in spirit and be so very humbled, honoured for this is my bliss.

So, Blessed Be