Celebrating the Majick of Manifesting and Full Moon (Goddess) Illumination

Celebrating the Majick of Manifesting and Full Moon (Goddess) Illumination.

The Goddess (moon) is in full illumination on Friday in Australia. Celebrate the Majick and celebrate what you have manifested that is going to come to fruition. The goddess (moon) is in Leo. Leo’s are about pleasure, romance, children, playfulness, showing artistic talents, creativity and dramatic. Baring all your emotions.

As the sunsets over all country our blessed country and my country the Blue Mountains here in Australia. The goddess (Moon) climbs over her hills. The peaks of our sacred country are caught with alpenglow.

Celebrate the Majick and celebrate what you have manifested that is going to come to fruition.

She is illuminating and illuminating the Majick of you, she represents completion, she asks how much you have grown this past month.

Our sacred Mountains (Blue Mountains) and country which ever country your spirit flows, mother earth where we live are illuminating as you. The goddess calls us to celebrate and honour your victories either small or large. What are your questions for this month? Let’s celebrate your Majick and answer these questions with a Majickal reading with me.

Our emotions, physical body heightens during the goddess in full illumination. Listen to your physical body spirit, mind. We are called to nature flowing, my country in the Blue Mountains for there are many sacred hills, valleys, waterfalls, walks. Or go to nature where the Devine sacred mother will cleanse you, balance, heal, manifest in you the Majick of you. Spend time with family, friends, loved ones have the playfulness that is Leo. Leo calls us to be dramatic, artistic, creative and to bare all of your emotions for that is the Majick of you. The whole soul Majick is becoming free from every kind of limitation. Use your unconditional love and your power.

Your burning intentions are a glow like the goddess, let go in the full goddess as a ritual for whatever no longer serves you. Cleanse your space, your castle, crystals, your body spirit, soul, mind. Place your tools crystals and yourself in the goddess for cleansing. Use sage a Majickal store found here:  https://www.witchinwares.com.au/ 

to cleanse your home, castle and sacred space.

As a Wiccan Witch Psychic Medium when clearing I open this spiritual home, the doors, windows, saging every space of the castle and my inner castle, crystals, divining tools all sacred items. I stand in the goddess (moon), earthed in the Devine for her Majick, cleanses, releases, energises me and I release what no longer serves me. I give gratitude though daily but through the goddess under her illuminating light I am so very blessed to be able to flow through my country in the Blue Mountains and in Australia where her skies are clear with a trillion stars that twinkle lighting our journey touching our spirit, her air is clear and crisp and you feel you may touch the goddess as she is so close.  I will flow though our sacred country and release, cleanse, energise, send unconditional love universally. I will bathe in her illuminating light grounded and, in her waterfalls, cleansing mind, body, spirit, physically, spirit soul.

The Majick of our Goddesses under our Moon (Goddess):


She’s the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, intuition, rebirth. She represents wisdom and inspiration, rebirth. She is the goddess of the underworld.

Call Cerridwen into be the keeper and entice your intuition to the elevation of your Majick.


Mother goddess, goddess of childbirth and mothers. Selene’s Majick is she can create your gut feeling, your intuition. So, if you are stuck on something Selene will come to you and speak to your gut feeling, give you advice in your dreams.

“You have the Majick in your heart fired with ancient wisdom.

May you elevate your eyes as this is the start.

You were born with powerful Majick in your veins and a knowing soul.

As gentle as the air, as lively as the wind.

Come in Harmony. In perfect love and perfect trust.

Earth mother. We honour the goddess in truth Devine.

For, we know what burns in our hearts, our soul, our truth.

Majick always.

So proudly stand for all to see.

So Blessed and free.”

I am a Forensic Psychic Medium Gothic Wiccan Witch.

As above so below I will walk hand in hand with you, spirit, culture, Devine and in perfect love and perfect trust for Majick is My heart, Majick is my Truth, Majick is my Soul, and my absolute bliss.

Schedule a booking, elevate your eyes for this is the start, Let me craft with you the Majick of you visit my website: https://cherslatyermedium.com/

Beautiful blessings with love so mote it be.

Blessed be