Welcome To My Realm

Merry we meet, welcome to my realm, Blessed be. Celebrate the majick of you, embrace the power of your own light, feel the connection and ignite that light.

Blessed be 2021 Scribe now as dreams this year come true.

It’s time to focus on what you want. Send it out to the universe. Investing in you, invest in a Majickal journal or Grimiore.  When selecting a journal for sacred manifestations it must be empowered have your energy with your utmost highest good intention put into it. Sit with your journal, place crystals, herbs ,flowers, nature, candles whatever is your majick on it around it place it in the goddess (moon) and let it be.

Scribe (write) in your journal as you sit with and within yourself. Ideally in nature but also can be in your majickal space that is where you connect with the devine, culture, god and goddess, mother earth and all the elements and if you are unable to sit in nature physically than open your mind to feel you are in nature powerfully visualise nature around you. You may scribe your dreams with pure unconditional love. Scribing your dreams specifically with pure unconditional love for the power of you, the love energy and light you give returns to you threefold. You are creating a circle of pure intent and when completing your scribe be grateful, humbled and blessed so to include your gratitude to spirit, universe, angels, god, goddess and mother earth. As above so below.

When the goddess (moon) is in new the darkness of her as she comes to her light bright whole self and births new every month as you do place your journal Grimoire into her goddess (moon) rays with your crystals, candles herbs flowers whatever you maybe drawn to at that majickal time will be the perfect majick for you.

In my journal and Grimiore I scribed my absolute dream to as a gothic wiccan witch forensic psychic medium was to bring my craft, my spirit, my soul, my majick , my heart out into the universe for all to see, to honour spirit, culture, god, goddess and to honour me.

January 2021 has been for me so humbling uplifting, empowering, enchanting and most blissful, as one of my dreams has majickally come true with the birthing of my website, the grand conjunction on 21st December so powerfully I enabled my power to the universe, sent out unconditional love to spirit, god, goddess set the intention and worked on my website.

I released the chains from my past and went through as mother earth did a rebirth. I honoured spirit, connected with spirit, connected with nature, culture, god and goddess and it was majickally powerful of which I am eternally grateful and blessed.

As a wiccan witch I work energetically and know the power of me, I believe and know that everything we write, type, think, feel, say, speak, do goes out to the universe and comes back threefold.

When you embrace your sacred relationship with yourself and your inner majick witch you awaken within you the elements and the power of nature, for this unearthing and connection to your light, majick and powerful self.

I am a forensic medium gothic wiccan witch that has enhanced my craft to achieve the elevation of my bliss.

Let me craft with you the Majick of you, lets enchant ignite your light for the Majick and miracles of you.

Schedule a booking, Scribe your name and email to Receive Your Majick.  The first step you take is the most empowering.

Blessed be

Cher oxo