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Cher is an International Psychic Medium Wiccan Witch, Teacher, Healer based in The Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

Cher Specialises in creating Majick In peoples lives that will give you the truth right now that transforms your realm to create Majick.

Awakening the Majick of you.

Cher also specialises as an International Forensic Psychic Medium & is Certified as an International Forensic Psychic Investigator (LWISSD 2022). She has connected with Spirit from birth and has been a professional International Psychic Medium for over 20 years.

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“I have been extremely blessed to be touched by spirit through my conversations with Cher. 

I consider it an honour to be in Chers presence, she is so matter of fact and straight to the point about the messages she is giving to you. 

Seeing Cher for the very first time was was like being reunited with my very old friend. 

After my first experience with her I sent my  husband as he sat on the fence when it came to mediums alike, like most males I guess. 

In sharing my experience and he seeing how it effected me he went the next day and was left speechless as I was.

Since seeing Cher totally separately over a weekend it became one of the most  rewarding experiences that has entered our house in such a long time.

My husband and I both agreed that we felt weights lifted in our lives, we felt like we have gone through a counselling session with another party giving us kick up the bum to get our mojo back, we reconnected in communication having things to talk about again  sharing so many thoughts, feelings and emotions….the doors have been reopened.

From a personal level I feel completely eternally grateful. 

I sat silent and listened to Cher play out my life as though it was on a movie reel. 

I was blessed to have spiritual figures in my life to be present with no hesitation who they were with the messages Cher revealed from them to me.

I have been able to close doors in my personal life which were quite hard for me to do but seeing acceptance of these situations has enabled me to do so with peace.

I have answers of life questions which Cher brought to me unknowingly as I sat and listened.

This made me see why my life has taken so many twists and turns, confirming my everyday traits which were wiccan practises which i was doing without realization,  memories I thought were just dreams but in fact were my past lives, all this coming to ahead answered so much for me.

Being granted my yearning of knowing some of my past life details, provided  me with mixed feelings of  happiness and great sorrow but definitely one of pure empowerment.

Cher has granted me to see my spiritual world once again and has made me feel like the confident woman I once was flourishing again in life.

I am grateful for my time spent with Cher and will continue to do so throughout the course of my life.

Blessed Be Gabriella”

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